More about hotel TAMMEL Jičín in the Bohemian Paradise

Tamlovka was initially an outer space outside the city walls, in the meander of the river Cidlina, where a free diverse development with gardens started gradually growing towards Nové Město, and later, the decline in the importance of fortifications gave rise to a new city class.

If you drive through the town of Jičín along the castle path from the east, along the line of the original and generally vanished city walls, you can see magnanimously erected buildings - a castle with a garden, school buildings, cinema. Behind the old bastion a view on the hill suddenly opens with many rear facades of historic houses, roofs, and the dominant tower of the church of St. Ignatius, with their decorative gables facing the other side of the church. Below them, behind the walls, there are ground-floor detached houses with an entrance in the middle, plus a gate, and courtyard. The garden then ascends to the walls, with terraces and, literally, garden microworlds hidden behind.

You can see a brick glass gazebo, with the scene saturated with the sun, and everything seems to graduate into one vanishing point of the church tower… This is how the path could be described nowadays. It’s the atmosphere and perceptions of old black and white photographs with an inn and a brand-new city avenue, which were initially inspiring for exploring the place and the consideration of the spatial concept and architecture of the outdoor areas and buildings.

The vision was to turn on the composition of geometric facades, terraces and greenery, lights and skylights, vistas and passages, historical and contemporary architecture, the landscape of the roofs at the top, and the courtyard space beneath. Simultaneous, it was decided to build the land in a U-shape but in a position opening to 17. listopadu street and attached to the city walls.

The challenge was to transform the empty plot of land and the asphalt area of ​​the car park from the 1990s in a historic and valuable locality of the city without sentiment but with respect, instruction, and effort not to violate existing values ​​and to weave the contemporary qualities into this location in the centre of Bohemian Paradise.

The fundamental and constructive cooperation of the builder, architect, and the state and city administration representatives gave rise to the work with 21st century technology. The monolithic structure of buildings on reinforced concrete stilts is cladded with mineral wool panels, a facade system with triple glazed glass units, equipped with water-based underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation, cooling and shading with external roller blinds.

The archaeological rescue excavation led to the discovery of historic bastion foundation fragments of the original city walls. The project was subsequently modified, and this finding was preserved.

The newly built hotel in the Jičín Municipal Monument Reserve, 200 metres from the historic centre, represents contemporary architecture in a fascinating historical context and terrain. The green areas of the hotel's roofs arranged in terraces feature glazed skylights, which allow the overhead lighting in the hall and foyer. The preserved line of the original city walls passes in the hotel’s vicinity - the sandstone walls have been largely reconstructed and are visually used in garages and terraces.

Ing. Vladimír Dubský, investor
Ing. Arch. Pavel Pršala, architect


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