Sights in the area

The Wallenstein Chateau Jicin / Valdštejnovo náměstí (Wallenstein`s Square) 1

  • The former Renaissance chateau, which was severely damaged by an explosion in 1620, was given a new, enlarged, early Baroque appearance under Albrecht of Wallenstein. And not only the appearance, but also a new meaning - Albrecht of Wallenstein made Jičín the center of the Duchy of Frydlant.
  • The most attractive room is the Empire Lounge of the Three Emperors. The museum exhibitions focus on local history, archaeology and present the work of Radek Pilař - the creative author of the Czech legendary fairy-tale character bandit Rumcajs.

Milohlídka Lookout Tower / Jicin

  • Jicin Governor Hansgirg had the Milohlídka Lookout Tower built in 1843. This is the oldest lookout tower in the Bohemian Paradise.

Zebín natural monument / Protected area

  • Distance 3 km.

  • The Zebin conical neovolcanic hill was declared a natural monument. At its peak stands the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene.

Prachov Rocks / Skalní město – Holín (rock town)

  • Distance 7 km.

  • The Prachov Rocks are one of the most famous areas of the Bohemian Paradise. The large sandstone rock town and its surroundings can be admired from many open plateaus with well-known observation points - Šlikov, Všetečkova, Hlaholská, the observation point of the Bohemian Paradise and others.
  • The beginnings of tourism date back to the 19th century, and the first recorded tourist can be considered Emperor Franz Joseph I, who allegedly visited the rocks in 1804 and was carried through a rock gorge on a litter, which was thereafter called the Imperial Corridor.
  • Today, visitors can use the Great and Small Circuit routes for their tours.

Kost Castle / Mladějov

  • Distance 18 km.

  • The well-preserved gothic castle stands, like many castles, on a rock - not high above the surrounding terrain but in a valley, hidden in the forests of the Bohemian Paradise. Its foundation dates back to the second half of the 14th century. After the Thirty Years’ War, it escaped the fate of other castles destined to be liquidated; however, since the middle of the 18th century it has been abandoned. After World War II it was reconstructed and opened. The castle is one whose distinctive silhouette is not forgotten, at Kost mainly due to the typical square tower. The interior features a large Renaissance black kitchen.

Humprecht Chateau / Sobotka

  • Distance 18 km.

  • The Humprecht hunting chateau is one of the symbols and a landmark of the Bohemian Paradise. It was built by Carlo Lurago from 1666 to 1668 for Humprecht Jan Černín of Chudenice. In the Czech Republic it is a unique chateau building (tower with an elliptical ground plan with 27 rooms), inspired by Italian buildings. The hunting chateau is located on a basalt hill above the town. The observation gallery is also accessible.

Lázně Bělohrad (Belohrad Spa)

  • Distance 20 km.

  • Baroque chateau on the site of the original fortress. The present appearance is the result of reconstruction from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries with a chapel dedicated to John the Evangelist. Behind the chateau is a park with an empire style winter orangery, which is used as a memorial to K. V. Rais and as a gallery. Near the orangery is a collection of lordship border landmarks and a sculpture of an upright lion - a symbol of the town emblem.
  • Other points of interest: Baroque Church of All Saints, Museum of paleontologist, geologist and zoologist Antonín Frič, birth house of the czech writer K. V. Rais, spa houses.

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