120g       Beef steak tartare, 6 slices of fried or toasted bread, garlic 185,- Kč
70g Beef carpaccio with capers, olives, parmesan, rocket and toasted bread 175,- Kč
Caprese salad with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil pesto and toasted bread 149,- Kč


0,4l Strong beef broth with meat, julienned vegetables and noodles 65,- Kč
0,4l Creamy Šumava mushroom and potato soup with a poached egg 85,- Kč
0,4l Soup of the day 55,- Kč
150g Beef sirloin with cranberries and bread dumpling 219,- Kč
200g Fried pork or chicken schnitzel 122,- Kč

Stembergs beef rib steak     

229,- Kč
200g Grilled pork tenderloin 186,- Kč
300g Grilled pork neck with coloured pepper 195,- Kč
200g Grilled chicken breast steak 126,- Kč
200g Chicken steak roasted with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella 195,- Kč
350g Flounder roasted in butter with grilled cherry tomatoes 325,- Kč
100g Grilled brie with cranberries 122,- Kč



TAMMEL confit pork chop with a bone, roasted thyme grenaille potatoes, strong meat sauce, vegetables

349,- Kč 
250g Confit duck leg, potato pancakes with cracklings and braised red cabbage 325,- Kč 
350g Marinated pork belly chop with toasted bread 288,- Kč 
600g Roasted marinated pork ribs with toasted bread 395,- Kč
300g Linguine Aglio olio with pancetta, parmesan and rocket 175,- Kč 
300g Linguine Pomodoro with parmesan and rocket  175,- Kč 
300g  Pumpkin risotto with shaved parmesan and pumpkin seeds 175,- Kč 
300g Couscous with grilled vegetables, cherry tomatoes and fresh lamb’s lettuce 145,- Kč
150g Potato gnocchi with parmesan, chicken bits and warm sauce of your choice 125,- Kč
150g  Caesar salad with shaved parmesan and herb croutons 125,- Kč 
250g Caesar salad with chicken, shaved parmesan and herb croutons 175,- Kč 
100g  A mix of fresh lettuce and vegetables with grilled brie 175,- Kč 
300g  Shopska salad with toasted bread 165,- Kč 
80g Beef sirloin with bread dumpling 125,- Kč 
100g Fried pork or chicken schnitzel 75,- Kč 
100g Pork or chicken steak 75,- Kč 
150g Linguine with pomodoro sauce 105,- Kč 
200g Boiled grenaille potatoes 45,- Kč
200g American potatoes 45,- Kč
200g Julienned fries 45,- Kč
150g Small vegetable salad 65,- Kč
200g Grilled vegetables with basil pesto – courgette, aubergine, pepper, onion 65,- Kč
Demi-glace – a strong meat juice 20,- Kč
Mushroom sauce with a mixture of Šumava mushrooms and cream 45,- Kč
Hot sauce with green pepper 30,- Kč
Tartar, ketchup, sweet chili, hot, herb 20,- Kč
Ice-cream sundae – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice-cream with fruit and whipped cream 95,- Kč 
Vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream 85,- Kč 
Chocolate cake with whipped cream (1,3,7) 55,- Kč


A list of allergens is available upon request.
We charge 70% of the total price for half portions of meals for which it is possible.

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