Experience maximum relaxation thanks to the skill of professional masseurs. Choose from a wide range of massages from classic, relaxing through aroma massages to lava stone massages. If you be interested about a reservation of massage, do not hesitate to contact us. Massage must be ordered advance.

List of massages

Massage Duration Price
Classic massages + lava stones                         30 min.                 400 CZK
Classic massages + lava stones 60 min.   800 CZK
Massage with hot lava stones 60 min. 1000 CZK
Neck massage + Indian head massage (sitting)         45 min.   650 CZK
Lymphatic massage of the lower limbs + wrap 90 min. 1200 CZK
Reflexology foot massage 45 min.   650 CZK
Massage for pregnant women 60 min.   900 CZK
Chocolate massage 60 min.   950 CZK
Hand massage + paraffin wrap 45 min.   750 CZK
Peat wrap + massage 60 min.   900 CZK
Aroma massage (partial) 60 min.   800 CZK
Aroma massage (total) 90 min. 1200 CZK









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