Finnish sauna

Operating temperature: 85 – 95°C, max. 110°C

Recommended length of stay: 5 – 15 min., followed by rapid cooling and 10 – 30 minutes of rest in a rest room at normal temperature
Number of recommended cycles: 2 – 3 cycles

The Finnish sauna is a hot-air dry bath for the targeted alternation of temperature impacts of hot air in contrast to an ice water bath or shower. A variety of massage pads and brushes can be used for an auto-massage to increase the effects of heat in the "sweating room".  An adequate number of stay cycles in the sweating room and cooling cycles can individually achieve the sauna’s necessary effects.

The sauna’s effects consist of the overall relaxation of the musculoskeletal system. The sauna has a positive effect on blood pressure disorders (hypotonia), chronic respiratory catarrh, arthrosis, degenerative joint disease, rheumatism, body detoxification, leaching of endorphins - happiness hormones, strengthens the immunity. The sauna is an excellent prevention against flu and cold and additional weight loss treatment.

Care should be taken in case of intolerance to high temperatures.  The sauna is unsuitable for acute inflammatory, especially febrile diseases, high pressure, a high degree of pregnancy, or with unhealed wounds. Alternatively, as advised by a physician.

After being in the sauna, it’s necessary to rehydrate your body with the fluids that it lost.


Infrared sauna

Operating temperature: 40 – 55°C, max. 60°C

Recommended length of stay: 
a maximum of 15 min.
Number of recommended cycles: 1 cycle - warming-up before a massage

This type of warming-up has a different type of heat source than the Finnish sauna. Instead of a conventional heater (which heats the air in the sauna), the infrared sauna has infrared heaters installed that mainly produce radiant heat. Primarily, heat is spread by radiation, i.e. directly from the radiator to the person inside the cabin. The air in the cabin is not heated until afterwards, unlike the Finnish sauna). With regard to lower operating temperatures and possible cooler air (does not apply for long-term cabin initiation), this therapy is recommended for people who cannot tolerate high temperatures in a classic Finnish sauna. The body warms-up even at these lower temperatures.


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